About Myself


Thankyou for visiting my website. My name is Eileen also known as De Massage Artiest.

Originally From Ireland I moved to The Netherlands in 2007.

Moving from a farming town in the south of Ireland to The Lights of Amsterdam City a mental battle incurred which led me to experience culture shock – Strange as that may seem!

This mental battle started taking a physical toll on my body resulting in shoulder pain, lower back pain and headaches. Suffering with these ailments introduced me to the world of massage.

In 2008 I received my first massage. I could feel the tension melting and the physical pain started to subside. This Experience opened up a path to a whole new career for me.

Through the years I have travelled around the Netherlands following different courses including Anand opleiding, I.T.M, Wellness Academie, Sterren massage, il Cielo and many more.

To gain experience and confidence I have been working at various Top massage companies in Amsterdam including Doctor Feelgood massage company, An Chi salon and The Rub to name but a few.

My massage style is a mixture of different techniques I have learned through the years. From Relaxation to Pain relief. From light massage to firm. The pressure is adapted to the client.

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