Massage Options



One of the most traditional forms of massage therapy.This is considered the Ultimate relaxation and can clear your body of all built up stress. A state of relaxation calms the body and mind. It is therapeutically beneficial by relieving muscle tension and increasing the happy hormones.Usually consisting of light to medium pressure.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is a massage that focuses on the deeper muscle layers. It involves applying sustained(possible stronger) pressure using deeper strokes to target the muscles, fascia and connective tissue. Deep tissue is best for giving attention to certain painful stiff areas in your body.



Hot stones massage therapy is the application of hot stones to the body when giving a massage.Hot stones has a calming effect on the body while at the same time it helps the therapist reach deeper layers by softening the muscle tissue. Hot stones therapy can make a bitter cold, stressed out day become an enjoyable experience by melting away the tension to soothe, warm and relax you.(If the Temperature outside reaches above 24/25 degrees we would advise you to pick a different massage).


Tailor Made

The Tailor made is a massage that is discussed between the client and therapist to create and design a massage specific to the clients needs.Maybe you would like more focus on the feet or the whole session focused on the back area.Tell us what you want.



This is a relaxation massage for pregnant women. A painful lower back is a common sensation for many pregnant women, while others experience sore legs, aching hips, swelling, or insomnia. This massage will help relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy.
It helps promote relaxation which reduces stress and boosts the mood and overall well being of mother and baby.
The massage will be given on a special prenatal table that is designed to accommodate the woman’s belly.
We do not recommend more than 60/75 minutes. This massage is possible from 12 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth. 
If you have medical complaints then consult your doctor first.


Head,Neck and Shoulders

A massage treatment focused on relieving the tension in the Neck,Back and Shoulders.The Head and face may or may not be included in this treatment depending on your preference.Do let us know.The treatment may help with tension headaches,loosen up tight tense shoulders and help relieve pain in the neck and back.

This is a 45 minute treatment.


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