De Massage Artiest

I am Eileen, better known to you as De Massage Artiest.

My passion for massage began a year after I moved to the Netherlands.

Coming from a farming background in the South of Ireland, it was kind of hard to find a job as a farmer in Amsterdam 😉.

Strange as it might seem I suffered culture shock. This mental battle started to take a physical toll on my body. Resulting in shoulder pain, lower back pain and headaches.

De Massage Artiest & Crew

In 2022 I realised “De Massage Artiest “was very much in demand. It was outgrowing the room I had been renting since I started for myself in Zaandam.

The Business was also outgrowing the pace of my hands! I was trying to juggle giving time to everyone while trying to save my hands to give the best massage.

Expansion was the only way to go.

September 2022 I signed for my own massage studio and with that I have started building a team I can be proud to have under the name De Massage Artiest.

Each therapist has their own style which I feel is a great asset to have. It does not take from the fact that I believe each one can give the best massages.

We are Multicultural and a team of both Genders so enough choice for everyone.

When you are booking you can also pick your therapist of preference(Or not). 

Meet our Crew:


"Hello all, im Janire and i come from Spain, i came to the Netherlands 4 years ago and became a freelancer masseus , my passion for massages started back in Spain years ago when i myself broke the ACL(Anterior cruciate ligament) and in the rehabilitation process i swam in the world of massage .

I am specialized in Sport massage and manage very good swedish , hot stone and deep tissue massage . I have worked in several Spas and in a sport club where i became the masseus of a handball and football team . I always say that "Every aspect of a person....mind, body and spirit.....benefits from receiving massage therapy"."

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Enter the world of Massage

In 2008 I received my first massage. I could feel the tension melting and the physical pain started to subside. This experience opened up a path to a whole new career for me.

Throughout the years I have travelled around the Netherlands following different courses including Anand opleiding, I.T.M , Wellness Academie, Sterren Massage ,il Cielo and many more.

To gain experience and confidence I worked at various Top Massage companies in Amsterdam including Doctor Feelgood, The Rub, An Chi Salon and Cryo hub to name but a few.

My style is a mixture of different techniques I have learned throughout the years. Whether you come in to destress , for deep pressure or for target focus treatment my style will always include the basic element of relaxation.

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