De Massage Artiest

I am Eileen, better known to you as De Massage Artiest.

My passion for massage began a year after I moved to the Netherlands.

Coming from a farming background in the South of Ireland, it was kind of hard to find a job as a farmer in Amsterdam 😉.

Strange as it might seem I suffered culture shock. This mental battle started to take a physical toll on my body. Resulting in shoulder pain, lower back pain and headaches.

De Massage Artiest & Crew

In 2022 I realised “De Massage Artiest “was very much in demand. It was outgrowing the room I had been renting since I started for myself in Zaandam.

The Business was also outgrowing the pace of my hands! I was trying to juggle giving time to everyone while trying to save my hands to give the best massage.

Expansion was the only way to go. 

In September 2022 I established my own massage studio and began assembling a team to work under “De Massage Artiest”. 
I am proud to lead a dedicated team of massage therapists, each bringing their unique style and expertise to our practice. Our crew consists of both male and female therapists, all highly professional and committed to providing exceptional care.
Together, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where every client feels valued and supported on their wellness journey. 

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Enter the world of Massage

In 2008 I received my first massage. I could feel the tension melting and the physical pain started to subside. This experience opened up a path to a whole new career for me.

Throughout the years I have travelled around the Netherlands following different courses including Anand opleiding, I.T.M , Wellness Academie, Sterren Massage ,il Cielo and many more.

To gain experience and confidence I worked at various Top Massage companies in Amsterdam including Doctor Feelgood, The Rub, An Chi Salon and Cryo hub to name but a few.

My style is a mixture of different techniques I have learned throughout the years. Whether you come in to destress , for deep pressure or for target focus treatment my style will always include the basic element of relaxation.

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